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Done-For-You Lead Factory


Let’s put your lead generation system on auto-pilot!

This is a Done-For-You service that fully automates all aspects of this lead generation system, ensuring you are receiving warmed-up, high quality leads on a consistent and timely basis.

What is included:

  • Dedicated Lead Factory Expert who will get you in front of approximately 40 people / day, 200 people / week, 800 people / month who match your ideal customer profile.
  • You can expect to receive about 2-3 leads / day.
  • Dedicated Lead Factory Success Manager who will monitor all aspects of this lead generation system ensuring that we are getting you in front of the right people.
  • Your Lead Factory Manager will provide you a weekly success report with an analysis of how well your lead factory is performing and what we can do to make it better. See sample report below.
  • Your Lead Factory Manager will help you define your Ideal Customer Profile.
  • Your Lead Factory Manager will optimize your Lead Seed Packet.
  • Your leads will respond directly to your INBOX
  • Your lead factory instantly identifies your top 10 hottest leads. 
  • Your lead generation system tracks every action your leads take, giving you the intelligence to understand exactly what they need.
  • Your lead factory automatically scores every lead throughout the lifecycle of a sale, allowing you to easily identify your hottest leads.
  • Your lead factory automatically keeps you in touch with all your prospects quarterly for Life, ensuring you stay front & center of every lead generated, ensuring you are getting maximum ROI for each lead generated and no opportunity falls through cracks.

Receive Weekly Lead Factory Health Report

Your dedicated Lead Factory Manager will provide you with a report at the end of the week with an analysis of how well your lead generation system performed. You will know exactly how many people the system got you in front of, how many turned into leads, how many are in the warm up stage, and how many responded. Your Lead Factory Manager will provide you with recommendations on how to tune your lead generation system. See example report:

Your lead generation system analysis. How can we improve?

Payment is collected at time of purchase; payment is for initial setup call and for services rendered. If payment has been collected, and/or services rendered, we cannot offer a full refund during the trial period. If payment has been collected and no setup call or services rendered, a full refund will be extended during the subscription’s 14-day trial period.



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