How it Works

The Done-For-You Lead Factory is a 100% fully managed Lead Management service where we help you find and nurture prospects until they become high quality leads for your business. 

Watch video below to learn how this system works.

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What is included ?

  • 100% Managed Lead Service - We handle all aspects of the lead generation
  • Your High Quality Leads will respond directly to your INBOX
  • Dedicated Lead Factory Account Manager - who upon purchase will meet with you to help you build
  •         Your Ideal Customer Profile
  •        Your custom Lead Seed Packet
  • The System Connects you with 40 - 50 people / Day that match your Ideal Customer Profile
  • The System Connects you with 800 - 1,000 people / Month that match your Ideal Customer Profile
  • The System Connects you with 9,600 - 12,000 people / Year that match your Ideal Customer Profile
  • A weekly Measuring Success Report that shows you exactly how well your DFY Lead Factory is performing.
  • Proven High Converting 14 Day Warm Up Email Campaign that nurtures your leads until they become High Quality Leads.  
  • Quarterly Follow Up for Life Campaign that will keep you front and center with those leads that are just not quite ready to buy today.

About the Author will

Hi, my name is Will Berger and my passion is Internet Marketing. I own an affordable marketing automation company called LeadOutcome, Inc. which was used to build this Done-For-You Lead Factory.

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