Does your next weeks sales appointment calendar look like this ?

Does your next weeks sales appointment calendar look like this ?

Don't are not alone.  In fact the majority of sales professionals we interviewed who did not have a automated high quality lead generation system in place said the number of new sales opportunity appointments from week to week would look very similar to the picture above.

So what is the answer?  How do we fill your calendar up with high quality leads?

The answer is quite simple.  In order for this calendar to be filled up, you need to:

  • Get in front of not just anyone, but people who need your product or service.
  • Get in front of enough of them on a daily basis that you can predict how many will respond to meet with you.  This varies for every business and service if it is 20,100,250,2000.  It really doesn't matter what the number is you just need to know what that number is.  Next you multiply it by the number of meetings you want per week.  For B2B businesses we do not recommend more than 3-5 / day.  Lets say it takes 100 cold emails to generate a response that results in an appointment.  Lets say we want 3 appointments / day.  That means (3 appointments)*(100 leads)* (5 days a week) = 1,500 leads per week or 6,000 per month.

That is it!  It is that simple.  

Next we need to figure out is it worth paying for 6,000 leads per month

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Hi, my name is Will Berger and my passion is Internet Marketing. I own an affordable marketing automation company called LeadOutcome, Inc. which was used to build this Done-For-You Lead Factory.

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