Customer Reviews

You maybe wondering who uses the DFY Lead Factory and what impact has it had on their business.  Listed below are some reviews from our customers.  They will answer questions like

  • ​Who uses this system?
  • Will this system help me find customers ?
  • Is it complicated to use ?
  • How soon will I start seeing success ?
  • What does success look like ?
  • How many leads can I expect per week per month

Watch this video where Co-Author Will Berger interviews Commercial Real Estate Loan Broker, Denise Spinelli, as she explains the impact this high quality prospecting system has had on her business.

Denise Spinelli
Commercial Real Estate Loan Broker

Watch this video as the Darien Hill, Facebook Advertising Expert and Internet Marketing Coach, shares what he loves the best about this system and why his company uses this solution for their lead generation even though their core business is Facebook Advertising and SEO.

Darien Hill
Facebook Ads Expert and Marekting Coach

 If you are wondering

  • Is this to complicated for me ?
  • Can this really work for my business ?
  • Does it take long to setup ?
  • How long before I see results ?
  • What does success really look like for me ?

Watch this video where Co-Author Will Berger interviews Financial Advisor, Pilar Tobias, as she answers these questions and shares her experience with this system.

Pilar Tobias
Financial Advisor and CEO Total Solutions Alliance

Watch this video as the David Scarborough, President of Strategic Marketing Advisors also a Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising expert explains why he uses use this solution for lead generation at his company.

David Scarborough 
Google Adwords Expert - President of Strategic Marketing Advisors

Greg Rooney is a full time network-marketer since the mid 90s.   Greg helps small business owners grow their business by leveraging the internet. Greg has a suite of product and services to accomplish this goal. Greg explains how this system helped him build his Lead Seed Packet and generated 14 appointments in 2 weeks and 6 appointments in 1 day.

Greg Rooney 
Full Time Network Marketer - Future Marketing Groups

About the Author will

Hi, my name is Will Berger and my passion is Internet Marketing. I own an affordable marketing automation company called LeadOutcome, Inc. which was used to build this Done-For-You Lead Factory.

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