Closing Sales – Do you know How ?

After we put this system out the feedback we got was tremendous!  People would say.  

"Will, Wow!  This actually works!  Now what do I say to them?"

My first thoughts were "Wait a second.  That's not my job.  You are the sales person.  Marketing has done its job.  But then believe it or not I had an "Ah Ha" moment.

Many of our small business owners may not be experts at sales and we need to solve that problem and we did.  We searched the market for an expert in sales.  A person who has demonstrated time and time again how to close a sale.  A person who has developed a sales system that gives you the play book on how to close a sale repeatedly.   That person is Chuck Douglas, but before we will introduce him to you we had to put him through a test.   If he can't help our sales people with closing of sales, he would not be our sales coach, but he passed with flying colors.

About the Author will

Hi, my name is Will Berger and my passion is Internet Marketing. I own an affordable marketing automation company called LeadOutcome, Inc. which was used to build this Done-For-You Lead Factory.

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